Download AZWhatsApp APK v10.90 [March 2023] Free | Official Release

In recent years, WhatsApp mods are gradually gaining popularity. One of the mods you should check out is the new version of WhatsApp.

Oman-based developer Ali al-Zaabi developed this mod. The AZWA mod offers features and customizations similar to GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp (YOWA).

AZWhatsApp Apk untuk Android Unduh Gratis

You’ll surely enjoy its additional features if you’ve already tried different mods and have yet to try AZWA. In this article, SoftGOZA takes you through its various features and includes download links to the mod’s latest version.

Isi Halaman

Apa itu AZWhatsApp?

AZWhatsApp is another modified version of WhatsApp, created by third-party developers, that offers additional features beyond what is available in the official version of WhatsApp.

Like other modified versions of WhatsApp, AZWhatsApp is not officially supported by WhatsApp and may pose security risks to your device and data.

AZWhatsApp may include customization options, additional privacy settings, and new themes. However, it is important to note that using a modified version of WhatsApp like AZWhatsApp may also violate WhatsApp’s terms of service and can result in suspending or terminating your WhatsApp account.

When using WhatsApp mods, you can open them simultaneously. Of all the mods, AZWhatsApp APK is the freshest WhatsApp Mod APK available on the Internet.

Like other WhatsApp mods, it possesses new and fresh features. You’ll find that AZWhatsApp is identical to the updated mods of YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp.

Note: Using AZWhatsApp may increase the risk of security breaches and malware infections on your device. It is always recommended to use the official version of WhatsApp to ensure the safety of your data and privacy.

Anti-Ban Update:

Everyone loves their WhatsApp Mods. This is why we are providing you with the excellent AZWhatsApp. The most recent version, V10.90, can be downloaded for free.

Examine it by downloading the most recent version of AZWA from this page. We’ve outlined the measures you can take to avoid the WhatsApp ban. Take the actions below to prevent future blocking of your number:

  1. Harap buat cadangan semua obrolan Anda dengan menyimpannya di cloud
  2. Instal pembaruan terbaru: AZWhatsApp Anti-Ban versi 10.90
  3. Hapus dan hapus instalan aplikasi AZWA versi 10.00

AZWhatsApp APK Latest Version Features:

Nikmati berbagai fitur AZWhatsApp di atas salah satu aplikasi asli default. Mod lain memiliki fitur yang dimodifikasi, seperti WhatsApp Aero yang bergantung pada Fouad WA. Di bawah ini adalah daftar fitur AZWhatsApp:

  • Instal 2 WhatsApp (tidak perlu root)
  • Jadwal pengiriman pesan
  • Secara efektif sembunyikan yang terakhir terlihat, centang biru, dan centang kedua
  • Balasan otomatis ke diskusi
  • Wawasan tentang pesan grup

Apa yang baru?

Aside from the typical features of a WhatsApp mod, AZWhatsApp also has additional features that you should check out.

This app has all the features that users will surely enjoy:

  • Change the Floating Button shape.
  • The expiry date has been extended.
  • Copy a part of any message to your clipboard.
  • Instant Swipe to reply.
  • The conference call is live.
  • Block Call option (block calls, but the caller will see it ringing).
  • Activated stickers feature.
  • Fix auto media download and schedule message.
  • Improvements in text messages and audio.
  • See the @mention Icon on Main Screen when someone tags you in a message.
  • Anti-Ban and extend the expiration.
  • Convert any video to GIF.
  • Other bug fixes.
  • Receive notifications when someone deletes a message from your phone.
  • Added launcher icons and new fonts.

Informasi APK AZWhatsApp:

Nama aplikasiAZWhatsApp
Versi: kapanv10.90
Ukuran40,1 MB
PersyaratanAndroid 2.3.3
Pembaharuan TerakhirSatu hari yang lalu

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How to Download?

We’ve written down the steps to successfully download the AZWhatsApp mod below. For more effortless downloading, we have provided a download button so that you can click on it to start downloading the mod.  

  1. Download the latest version of AZ WhatsApp.
  2. Before installing the APK file, enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  3. Install the APK file that you downloaded.
  4. Open the AZWA app and verify your mobile phone number.

Panduan Instalasi untuk Android

Before installing, you must manually back up your messages and media files from the official WhatsApp. Doing so will restore all your messages and find them on the AZWhatsApp without issue. Failing to back up will result in losing all your notes and files sent through the app.

Memasang mod sangat mudah, dan kami telah mencantumkan langkah-langkah di bawah ini. Ikuti langkah-langkah ini, dan Anda tidak akan mengalami masalah selama proses:

  1. Ambil file cadangan yang diunduh dari WhatsApp resmi. Anda melakukannya dengan masuk ke Pengaturan dan kemudian mengklik Obrolan.
  2. Klik Cadangan Obrolan
  3. Copot pemasangan WhatsApp resmi dari perangkat Anda 
  4. Sebelum instalasi, aktifkan "Sumber Tidak Dikenal" saat diminta
  5. Instal APK AZWhatsApp
  6. Luncurkan aplikasi dan izinkan semua otorisasi
  7. Tutup aplikasi AZWA 
  8. Mulai ulang aplikasi dan klik tombol "Setuju dan Lanjutkan". 
  9. Masukkan nomor ponsel Anda dan pasang. Salin Tanggal WhatsApp. 
  10. Periksa gadget Anda dengan OTP dan pulihkan obrolan Anda.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Apa itu AZWhatsApp?

AZWhatsApp adalah salah satu mod WhatsApp terbaik di luar sana. Salah satu fitur mod ini adalah menghapus file media duplikat. Mod ini akan memberi Anda fitur perangkat seluler yang lebih baik daripada WhatsApp resmi.
AZWhatsApp has the new features of other WhatsApp mods. The latest version of the WhatsApp mod is the V10.90. Make sure you have the latest version installed to enjoy the features of this WhatsApp Mod APK fully.

 Bagaimana cara mengunduh AZWhatsApp?

-Unduh versi terbaru AZ WhatsApp
-Sebelum menginstal file APK, aktifkan opsi "Sumber Tidak Dikenal"
-Instal file APK yang Anda unduh
-Buka aplikasi AZWA dan verifikasi nomor ponsel Anda.

 Bagaimana cara menginstal AZWhatsApp?

-Ambil file cadangan yang diunduh dari WhatsApp resmi. Lakukan ini dengan masuk ke Pengaturan, lalu klik Obrolan.
-Klik Cadangan Obrolan
-Copot pemasangan WhatsApp resmi dari perangkat Anda 
-Sebelum instalasi, aktifkan "Sumber Tidak Dikenal" saat diminta
-Instal AZWhatsApp APK
-Luncurkan aplikasi dan izinkan semua otorisasi
-Tutup aplikasi AZWA 
-Restart the app and click the “Agree and Continue” button. 
-Masukkan nomor ponsel Anda dan pasang. Salin Tanggal WhatsApp.
-Periksa gadget Anda dengan OTP dan pulihkan obrolan Anda.   

Before installing, you must manually back up your messages and media files from the official WhatsApp.
Doing so will restore all your messages and find them on the AZWhatsApp without any issue. Failing to back up will result in losing all your notes and files sent through the app. 

Final Words:

AZWhatsApp APK is superior to other WhatsApp modifications available. It has all of YoWhatsApp’s features and more. You can use this application without fear of being blacklisted.

A characteristic of AZWhatsApp is the removal of duplicate media files. It includes more choices and features than the original WhatsApp app.

How has your experience with AZWhatsApp been? Please comment below if you have concerns about the WhatsApp mod or difficulties downloading the APK file.

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